Invoice Layout in Uploaded Invoices Object

 By clicking the filename of an invoice in Uploaded Invoices the document will appear on the screen with its specific information in the left side.


When the document is loaded in the bottom of the screen are available the below options:

   1.   Back à To navigate back to the Uploaded Invoices List screen.

   2.   Validation à To check the workflow Validation of the Invoice.

   3.   Post In SAP à when all the data are correct with this option you can post the document in SAP.

   4.   Display Doc. à with this option you can display the already posted document in SAP.

   5.   Delete à with this option you can Delete the invoice document.

   6.   Park à this option is used to park the document (for example when you are not sure about all the data), you can go back later change or correct invoice data and post it on SAP.

    7.   Hold à saves the changes made in the fields

    8.   Refresh à reloads invoice details


Field Name Meaning
Company Code

Is displayed the company code associated to the invoice

Vendor Vendor number in SAP
Vendor Name The name of the vendor in SAP
Invoice Date Date displayed on the invoice
Document type KR(vendor invoice), KG (credit memo), invoice gross
Payment terms Terms of payment decided on the invoice
Payment Block Assign a payment block, such as locked for payment, clearing, free for payment 
Posting date The date the user is posting the invoice in SAP
Invoice no.
The number displayed on the invoice
Total Tax amount and Total Gross amount
The respective amounts displayed on the invoice
Currency used in the invoice
VAT number
Vat number of the company displayed on the invoice
PO no.
Purchase order number linked to this invoice
Document no.
A document number is assigned after the document is posted in SAP
Invoice Status
Invoice status (posted-green, not posted in SAP-red)


Payment terms

  Using a drop down list, the user can set the payment terms associated with the invoice.

Payment block

By using the drop down list, the user can set the payment block deriving from SAP

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