Bulk Processing

This node is mostly used for mass updating and posting of invoices, which belong to approved vendors, flagged for direct posting. The user should make sure the system is fully trained for these invoices and recognizes their data correctly.



Field Name


Company Code

Enter the company code associated with the invoices (they should belong to the same company code)


Enter the vendor (business partner) associated with the invoices.


Enter a date or period when the user has uploaded the invoices

Refresh Invoices

Reloads the selected invoices, invoices which are on hold can not be refreshed.

Initiate Workflow

Initiates Workflow for the selected invoices if checked. 

Park Invoices

Parks the selected invoices in SAP.

Post Invoices

Posts the selected invoices in SAP.

Simulation Run

performs a simulation run of the invoices so the user can see if they will be successfully posted, refreshed or parked


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