Vendor Master Data

This object contains the necessary interface to Replicate, Update, Delete and List Vendors in AMP

Tab Name:


Replicate the vendor in AMP cockpit


Update changes that have been made in SAP to AMP


Delete a vendor in AMP Cockpit


View the list, of all vendors replicated in the cockpit


To replicate a new vendor, please use the Create Option. Please note that the vendor must have already been created in SAP. The ‘Create’ button should be clicked to complete the Vendor Creation process by replicating the vendor in AMP.


Field Name


Company Code

Enter the company code that belongs to the vendor


Enter the vendor you want to replicate


Click this option to create the vendor in AMP

The vendor creation should be successfully performed. The ‘Successfully Processed’ message should be displayed.


The user also has the option to Update a Vendor account when changes have been made in the SAP system and to Delete a Vendor Account. The “List” object displays a list of all vendors that have already been replicated in the AMP Cockpit.

Direct Posting, on the List of replicated Vendors. When the flag has been set, tha AMP bulk posting program will attempt to automatically post or park the invoices of vendors that are considered high-quality. These are so called "dark" postings. Before flagging this option, the user should make sure it has fully-trained the invoices of the approved Vendors.

Field Name


Direct Posting

When flagged the bulk posting program will attempt to automatically post or park invoices of the specific vendor (which is considered high quality)

Vendor No.

The no. of the vendor created in SAP

Vendor Name

The name of the vendor replicated


The company to which this vendor belongs


Date when the vendor was replicated to the AMP cockpit


Time when the vendor was replicated

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