Manual Training

The "Manual Training" object is related with the training process performed by uploading an invoice document and fulfilling the invoice data manually.  The system does not need training for most invoice templates, this will only be necessary when the invoice layout is more complicated than most of invoices.



File Image à In this field you can upload the invoice document for which you want the system to be trained. Once the file is uploaded, the preview of the invoice document is displayed in the right side of the screen and you can continue with fulfilling the other fields as per the invoice data.


Field Name


Invoice File

In this field you can upload the invoice document for which you want the system to be trained

Company Code

Add the respective company code of the invoice file


Add the vendor displayed on the invoice

Invoice Date

Fill the date displayed on the invoice

Document Type

Insert the document type, R or G, invoice or credit memo

Invoice Nr.

Add the invoice number

G/L Account

Add the G/L account you wish to assign this invoice


Fill this field with the currency of the amounts in the invoice

Tax Code

Assign the respective tax code

Tax percentage

This field is filled automatically after you choose the tax code

·         Total Tax Amount

·         Total gross amount

·         Total Net Amount


Add the amounts you see in the invoice preview on the right side of the screen

VAT number

Fill the VAT number displayed in the invoice




A correct invoice template is uploaded and the fields are completed manually with the invoice data in order to train the system

After fulfilling the necessary data, the ‘Train System’ button should be clicked to complete the manual training process.

The manual training should be successfully performed. The ‘Successfully Processed’ message should be displayed.

Note: This process should be repeated several times for the same invoice (ex. 5 times).


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