Upload Document

The “Upload Document” object is used to upload individual invoice document. 


Field Name


Invoice File

Here you upload the invoice file you wish to process and later post to the SAP system

Company Code

Choose the respective company code that belongs to the vendor of the invoice you wish to upload

Block duplicate Files

If it is checked and invoice is already uploaded the action will be blocked by the system








At Image File field you can upload the invoice document. Once the file is uploaded, the preview of the invoice document is displayed in the right side of the screen and you can continue with fulfilling the other fields and then clicking the ‘Process’ button.


Below you may see the “Block Duplicate Files” checkbox. If you check this box, you can not upload invoices that you have already uploaded in the system, whereas when you uncheck “Block Duplicate Files” you can continue with the process ( a pop-up message will appear just to let you know that you have already uploaded the specific file).


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