Bulk Upload Document

The “Bulk Upload Document” object is used to perform mass uploading of invoice documents.


Field Name Meaning
Invoice File Here you upload the invoice files you wish to process and later post to the SAP system.
Company Code Choose the respective company code that belongs to the vendors of the invoices you wish to upload (the invoices should belong to the same CoCd).
Check duplicate Files If it is flagged and the invoices are already uploaded the action will be blocked by the system.
Uploaded Files Below the user may find the Filenames of the invoices uploaded.


At Invoice File field you can upload several invoice documents at the same time (they should belong to the same company code). Once the invoices are uploaded, the list of the invoice documents is displayed at ‘Uploaded Invoices’ section and you can continue with fulfilling the Company Code and then clicking the ‘Process’ button (if you have already uploaded them make sure to uncheck the “Check Duplicate Files” option).

The uploading process should be successfully performed. The ‘Successfully Processed’ message should be displayed.

If the invoices are already uploaded and the "Block Duplicate Files" is checked than the system will show the error message as below when Processing.


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