Duplicate invoice check

The system checks on two levels to prevent invoice duplicates from being posted. 

1. On Upload:

The first check is performed on invoice upload. This check prevents the (erroneous) upload of the same invoice file. For every uploaded invoice a unique fingerprint is created and stored in the system. If the same file is presented for upload, it will generate the same unique fingerprint. When an invoice is uploaded, the generated fingerprint is checked against the already existing fingerprints and when a duplicate is found, the system will trigger a message and either prevent the upload of the invoice, or it will allow the upload with a warning (depending on the setting of the checkbox).

2. When Parking/Posting:

If a new scan of the same invoice is presented for upload, it may slip past the check described in step 1. To offer maximum security, the system will also perform a check of the invoice content before the invoice is either parked or posted. The content of the company code, vendor number and invoice number fields will be checked and trigger a message when a duplicate invoice is found.